Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A beautiful moment if there ever was one

So yesterday, my mother and I were bitching about annoying people who make a big issue of using the word 'may'. As in, you ask a teacher "can I please go to the toilet" and they're all "well I suppose you can, if that's what you're asking" (yes, THAT MANY italics) and you're all "sigh. MAY I PLEASE GO" and they're like "of course!". Douches.


So after discussing this for at least 100 hours, my dear sister J is all "hey Nicola can I have that knife" (I'd been using to cut up my nectarine). (HOW GOOD ARE NECTARINES!)

And I'm all... "now what have we just been discussing J?"

And she's all... "can I HAVE the knife."

And then I lolled. For about 10 minutes straight, minimum.

...well, I thought it was funny.

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