Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Dear General Public,

My hair colour is not natural.
My glasses, on the other hand, are indeed prescription. I need them to see properly.

To identify either of these things, it's actually(!) not necessary to grab my hair, nor attempt to poke my eyes through my glasses.
Should you still feel like it's vital knowledge for you to know one way or the other, you could simply ask me. No need to attempt to pull off the wig you think I'm wearing (it may not be my natural hair colour but it is still ATTACHED TO MY HEAD) or put a big smudge on my glasses.
I'll still probably think you're a tool if you ask if my glasses are real, but at least I'll think you're a polite tool.


Short sighted, actually blonde Nicola.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your colouring is beyond awesome! You have inspired me to wear red lipstick more often. Loving your blog. xx
    (deleted my previous post because I kind of fecked up the spelling, sorry!)

  3. Aww thanks Cate! I love your colour too, it really suits you! Definitely crack out the red lipstick, it'll look awesome :) x

  4. Where did you get those earrings?! They're awesome :D

  5. Nicola I don't understand why you post on the vogue forums (I too am an AH sales assistant and I feel it is unneccesary to do so)

  6. Just trying to help people who have questions about it, is all. I don't see what the trouble is with that?

    That's not all I post about anyway. I like the forums for lots of reasons.

  7. And to Anonymous number 1... they're either Diva or Forever New, can't remember sorry! They were about $5 :)

  8. Beautiful hair colour Nicola. I cant believe someone would be so rude as to pull your hair or poke your glasses. There are some crazies around!

  9. My biggest hate is for other ppl to put their finger prints on my glasses!!!!!!
    Freakin idiots. lol

    Stumbled upon on vogue. Nice blog :)