Friday, November 19, 2010

Recent Acquisitions

This dress is for picnics, reading books under trees, and picking strawberries.

I’ll wear this when I’m getting dinner ready to be on the table for my husband when he gets home, whilst a cherry pie cools nonchalantly on the windowsill, circa 1957.

I’ll wear this cardigan when I’m hand knitting booties in a rocking chair for my grandchildren, watching Miss Marple reruns, and drinking tea with gin.

  For when I’m a fairy princess. 

I’ll wear this to the beach, over a one piece vintage swimsuit, so I don’t get a tan.
(that’s actually not a joke)

All Alannah Hill, except the cherry cardi, which is Dangerfield.  
No, I won't be winning photographer of the year 2010...


  1. Beautiful pieces! Where did you find all these?

  2. Thank you! They are all from Alannah Hill, except for the last cardigan, which is from Dangerfield.

  3. Love the picnic dress! Hopefully the weather will start to warm up soon and you can picnic as all beautiful young ladies should in Summer :) Love the blog, keep it up!