Monday, November 15, 2010


voila, new blog.

Not entirely sure exactly what will be going in here as yet.
Most likely, a collection of my largely uncollected thoughts, plus some pictures, plus some whatever.
I have a strong spidey sense that it shall be: only okay... Which is better than just plain bad. I guess. 

Hasty and awkward introduction:
I'm (now) 19, I'm from Melbourne, I took a year off from studying this year to Discover Myself, this was largely unsuccessful. I teach gymnastics and work at The Hill. I'm allergic to most things. I love dachshunds and cheesecake and cardigans and lipstick. One day I'm going to be a science journalist, and have wiener dogs and New York baked cheesecake in abundance.

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  1. just found your blog on VF!! looking forward to your posts! x